Desire And Adhesion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar,” Baal HaSualm says that the souls “become worthy of receiving all His goodness, the delight and the pleasure that is in the thought of creation, and along with that will be given strong adhesion.” Why do we do we need the goodness and delight if adhesion with the Creator is much more qualitative and sublime?

Answer: I have vessels, meaning desires in the heart. In these vessels, I receive in order to bestow and by that perform an action of bestowal. Just as the Creator bestows upon me, I bestow upon Him.

But why do I perform the action of to receive in order to bestow? Because I felt shame, a gap between Him and me. This evoked me to bestow in order to bestow, and then also to receive in order to bestow, in order to resemble Him. By acting in order to resemble Him, I fill my vessels with the pleasure of bestowing upon Him and at the same time fulfill the shame, the gap between us, and thus attain adhesion.

Two deficiencies are part of this process:

  1. The Creator created deficiency in me to receive and enjoy. I fill it so that He will receive and enjoy.
  2. The second deficiency is a result of the shame. I restrict myself and fill my desire with the attainment of the essence of the Creator Himself. I become equal to Him and attain adhesion.

Desire And Adhesion
The Creator is depicted to me as a spiritual Partzuf that is made of a “body” and a “head.” Below we become equal to Him in the “bodies,” in His desire to bring goodness to the created beings and my desire to receive pleasure. Above we become equal in the “heads,” which means in the intentions. So the adhesion is actually formed above.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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