A Leap Into A New Dimension

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Before going skydiving, say, a person needs to prepare his mind for the jump, and there is an instructor who helps him with that. It is precisely the teachers who often push their students toward a decisive step. As far as I understand, coercion is forbidden in the integral method, and a teacher, a person who already exists within the integral sensation, doesn’t have a right to do such things.

Answer: How can I push a student? He must exert an effort by himself, close his eyes, and jump from the plane.

He needs to make an internal effort, to gather himself in such a way as to recognize the need for uniting with others. And only in this unity, when he jumps out of himself, not out of an airplane, into a commonality and integrality, beyond himself and into others, from reception to bestowal, when he makes this inversion, this leap, but at the same time turns himself inside out, only then can he experience it.

Moreover, there is a force in nature that doesn’t push, but helps us make this change, this phase transition. It works only on the condition that we demand its influence and help. This is the so-called MAN (prayer) that needs to be formed in a person, that is, an urgent need to change oneself from receiving, being egoistic like a cancer cell, to giving, being compassionate, emanating, and filling everyone else.

This force is able to change us and it exists in nature. But it doesn’t exist in each of us separately; it appears only when we gather together and in our circle create commonality between us, our common effort directed at change. And then each of us and all of us together undergo this change: We become one common whole. And then, after pulling away from it, we become egoists once gain.

So, this force builds us into one single whole, changing not each of us separately but precisely that entire group of people who support each other and elevate this goal, creating such a common demand that it truly draws to them the force of nature which changes them. But in order for it to influence us, we need to have accumulated a certain potential for it. And then the force holds us. This is the second, the giving force of nature.

Two forces exist in nature: receiving and bestowing. We’ve never used the force of bestowal. Desiring to fulfill ourselves, we’ve always used only the egoistic force and have dealt only with it. And now, we’re gradually losing the desire to work with it and in this manner we’re coming to the revelation of the next force.

In our method, this is known as the two lines, where the left line is the receiving one and the right, giving. Through the help of these two lines, we begin to work in mutual connection and to rise in the new dimension along the rungs of the ladder of attainment, feeling, and fulfillment.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 5/25/12

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