“US Compassion: Lost In Litigation?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from RT): “Public outcry is growing in the US at emergency services’ seeming policy of standing by while houses burn down and people drown, if services have not been previously paid for.

“A spate of real-life incidents has sparked concern over what kind of society America is becoming.

“The recent series of shocking accidents forced homeowners in one of the counties to watch as their houses and possessions burned to the ground. And the firefighters were right there watching, as well.

“All because the owners didn’t pay the US$75 ‘fire subscription fee,’ known as the ‘pay for spray’ charge. …

“A similarly shocking incident occurred in California, where police and firemen watched a man drown, saying they didn’t have proper certifications for water rescue, which would leave them open to possible lawsuits if they attempted to save him.

“So as the tragedy unfolded for over an hour, authorities just stood there and did nothing.

Even after the surf brought Raymon Zach’s body closer to the shore, firefighters refused to get in the water and retrieve the corpse, so they waited until a passer-by volunteered to do the job.”

My Comment: Our ego is constantly growing, and these examples no longer surprise us. What more might there be if we don’t start correcting it through integral upbringing?

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