Theory Backed Up By Practice

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe theoretical course of integral education has to be simultaneously accompanied by discussions. Because the course talks about the integral society, these discussions have to be carried out in an integral way. People need to be seated in a circle and explained what integral discussion is. It is when we enter the state of unification between us, when everybody exalts everybody else and wants to be well-disposed towards all others; it’s when we want to connect together, to create around and within us an integral interaction field where we have to solve all the problems.

In the process of discussion each person expresses their opinion, adds to the others, and thereby becomes imbued with these ideas, starts to feel that they can truly live among us. It’s as if we begin to create within and between ourselves the integral society and, by discussing these questions and their solutions, begin to feel that we really have an opportunity to create such society between ourselves.

That is, we begin to build the system of future society during practical workshops. And it follows that at the end of the course, a class with a few dozen people turns into a cell of the next society.
From a Talk on Integral Society 5/22/2012 

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  1. great job. Just don’t fret too hard over the future, only the Lord knows of that. We do our best in what little ways we can depending on our abilities and if it is good work it will be so. Its the outer material comfort that is not allowing people to get in touch with the inner comfort.

  2. 🙂

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