The End of Growing Pains

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What do you envision the ideal state in the groups to be like? What do we need to come to?

Answer: Growing pains will continue. There is no way to avoid this until the groups acquire their spiritual foundation.

Once there will be a foundation under every group, a “spiritual pillow” that they will perceive in its constant form, understanding and feeling their spiritual skeleton, their ten Sefirot, which are the basis of them, and within them perceive the higher state, the upper world, the governance, and adaptation, then it will be possible to say that they exist independently, they understand there are no imbalances, and together they participate in one common connection, one common system.

Otherwise, what kind of a common system is this? Everyone only understands himself in accordance with his own egoism. This is why these growing pains will only go away once we reach the spiritual level, and I hope that this will happen very soon. .
From “Questions About the Workshops” 5/25/12

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