Stages of the Formation of the Mind: Inclusion In The Upper Program

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe third stage of development starts when I begin to search: Why is the Creator doing all this to me? And then I understand that He does this to develop a reasonable attitude in me, based on mind instead of feelings.

And here a person feels that he must reach the same kind of bestowal to the upper, as the upper One has for him. It is no longer enough for him to merely accept all the pleasant and unpleasant states from the Creator with the understanding that they are for his benefit. He looks for an opportunity to also bestow to the Creator on his behalf and give Him his love.

To do this, he needs to develop even more and attain the Giver more deeply, understanding the purpose of His actions, in other words, understanding what exactly He wanted to build in man. This is the way the third stage (Behina Gimel) develops, which desires to receive from the Giver. It continues the first stage (Behina Aleph) in order to feel the pleasure, but it wants to feel it in order to understand the program the Giver has implanted in it. This is the meaning of the third stage.

At first, Bina refused to receive Light, but once it desired to understand the Giver, it understood that this is only possible when receiving from Him. And now, in the third stage, the person perceives both, good and evil, only as good. He no longer separates the good and evil, since he has risen above it.

And because he considers the higher program to be above his good and bad sensations, he begins to attain the actual program, and not just its influence, which makes things appear lighter or darker to him.

When a person perceives the program of the giver, he becomes included in it and unites with it. This means that he has attained adhesion on the fourth stage (Dalet). And all this begins with the very first action, when a person attains a certain level of correction through his environment, study, and the Light that Reforms, when he accepts everything that happens, both, good and bad, as a single inseparable whole.

He attaches to the Creator above all these states in order to feel Him, respect, value, understand, and unite with Him on the highest possible degree.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/12, Shamati #121

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