Recognizing Evil In A Good Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is news from Europe about the growing economic crisis. There are talks about establishing new governing authorities. Is this “and there was a new king in Egypt” what the Torah tells us about?

Answer: The problem isn’t the politicians. It says, “The hearts of ministers and kings are in God’s hand.” The weathervane shows us the direction of the wind and only we can change its direction—the world Bnei Baruch group that works very hard experiencing descents and ascents.

Question: What would we like to happen in Europe?

Answer: We would want for them as for the whole world to recognize evil in an easy way. After seeing and reaching the recognition of evil, people will also see the direction to goodness.

Therefore we have to disseminate as widely as possible the message about the real reason for all the troubles in the world and about how to correct the situation. The world is actually in the state of the recognition of evil, and how exactly this will happen depends on our work. We are the middlemen who can direct humanity to the good way or to the bad one, or to something in between.

No one can imagine what disasters may be expected. The crisis indicates that it isn’t just a collapse but the global integral system that is clearly revealed opposite the egoistic system. The circles are opposed to the straight line, and the link between them is missing. On the whole, humanity will not be able to sustain itself—everything is in abundance, but there is no food. This is already a spiritual problem.

Now there is everything in abundance and enough for everyone, but look at what is happening in the world—disparities between people, inequality, and suicides. Every few seconds a child dies of hunger. This doesn’t happen among animals, but it does with humans.

Humanity desperately needs the revelation of evil, but in a good way. I hope that we will lead the world in this direction. Otherwise “blind fate” will send us such disasters and blows, which stem from the Lights and the vessels facing each other. When there is no “adaptor” between them, it leads to war and destruction. It is scary to even think about such events, especially if we are responsible for them.

We shouldn’t wait. We should start connecting as soon as we can.

Baal HaSulam says in the “Writings of the Future Generation“: “I have already expressed my views in 1933, I have also spoken with the leaders of the generation and my words were not accepted by them, although I screamed and warned them about the destruction of the world, it didn’t leave much of an impression. But now, after the atomic and the hydrogen bomb I think that the world will believe me, that the end of the world is very near. Israel will be the first to get hurt, as it was in the previous war. Therefore, it is better to spur the world so that they will receive the only medicine and thus shall live and exist.”

This is our work. Only we can change the news.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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