On The Brink Of A Reasonable Attitude To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, we feel not only the world around us as inverted, hostile, and threatening, but also our own nature as hostile because egoism puts us into these states, and we can’t tame or destroy it.

We are exhausting natural resources, although we know that in another 20 years they will be depleted. And what will happen then? It’s not important. The main thing is to take advantage to the maximum in order to accumulate “green paper” in the bank. So where is the clever approach here? We manufacture millions of plastic items to throw them out in the garbage a few months later, and then oil with which we manufacture this plastic will be gone, but we don’t even think about that.

All of these hostile manifestations of internal and external nature toward us force a person “to shrink” and hide in some corner. He cannot control either this nature or another, either his own or the external one.

Thus, we find ourselves in need of crossing the bifurcation point. It adds up, specifically, to the recognition of evil in our nature that positions us against the external nature and doesn’t allow us to consider everything wisely, correctly, and sensibly. The ego forces us to be attracted to wealth, honor, knowledge, and control, and we utilize it only in a harmful way.

All of this is the revelation of the damage resulting from what has happened to us in the past 30-40 years. Until then we had developed correctly: People used nature when it was really necessary. I remember that the warranty on the first refrigerator that I bought was 18 years! Today nothing like that exists! Today everything is made on purpose, so that the product will break down as soon as possible. Even if is not out of order you will be called to replace the old for the new at a discount.

It turns out that we crossed the border of the correct attitude to life, to the world, and to nature. And we need to recognize our bad relations to ourselves, to others, and to nature. And only after that will it be possible to talk about the fact that there is a system of reaching harmony.

It will reveal a huge whole world to us that isn’t built on opposites, on absolute slavery and total freedom, but on the correct middle line, which means that everything will be balanced. Then we will see that this is specifically the way that nature functions.

Thus, I think that communications will finally change, the pendulum will shift, the amplitude of its oscillation that deviates in the opposite direction from the original state will come to its middle. Then we will begin to operate mutually, and not through communication devices, but through direct, internal communication with each other, not verbally, not externally emotional, but by creating a mutual field of communication. We have these aptitudes for which we don’t need any devices. We will simply feel everyone and everything as one collective whole.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/21/12

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