Nothing Has Changed In Education

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe model for the exchange of information between teacher and student emerged in the industrial era. Although the world has changed, schools continue to pretend that they still are preparing the workforce for factories. The primary skills learned are discipline and obedience.

The main structural component is the classroom. One teacher lectures a general lesson to all the students that everyone needs to grasp simultaneously. Such a system is suited for preparing people to work on an assembly line. Since then, it hasn’t changed.

Today, the old system no longer works. We need drastic changes, but any department of education is entirely restricted within a framework of laws. Teachers are afraid of losing their jobs. Parents believe that, at least in school, their children are in a safe state. Thus, the only ones who still have the possibility and the potential to change the situation are us!

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  1. And yet, the school, is the place where the poison sets in, that puts to death the spiritual, which lives in the hears of all children… Only a few survive… Let’s do better than this!

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