Not A Minute Without Uniting!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How long should a workshop last, because a moment comes when there is no more strength.

Answer: At the last workshop, I felt that the central group warmed up and approached a general movement of beginning to work on unity only after 50 minutes. This is the lack of preparation and hope that I will create something.

I cannot create anything. I only suggest a topic, nudge, and tune everyone like a musical instrument, but you have to play it yourself. However, you cannot set up quickly and start playing.

To do this, it’s necessary to disconnect from oneself, come together, imagine everyone compressed into one tight space, and then walk a bit away, fill the vacant space with love so as to remain completely united, and start the discussion through this unity.

Here, there was no unity, no preparation for the workshop before the beginning of the discussion, although we talked about that not too long ago. However, everyone left for the break, and the break erased everything. In general, the community was not ready!

People should go to the workshop as to a special event. They should understand how to prepare for it and how to be included in it. They have to worry about every minute, if it should pass without unity through which they discuss and begin to feel what they talk about.
From the Virtual Lesson 5/27/12, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah”

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One Comment

    As an EC STudent who currently attended the Congress in NJ, I enjoyed the workshops immensely. The comment that people came unprepared to open their hearts and connect fully is especially true for one particular group i gathered with. One participant felt that because they were part of a VIRTUAL GROUP already, they felt they DID NOT need to connect fully with the people at the table. This was particularly disruptive to the vibrational connection that opened between the others, and caused the whole connection to disintegrate. Although we do discuss the importance of the connection between friends, might I suggest for the EC Students some additional instructive preparation regarding the CIRCLE of 10 workshops, and the actual building of the CENTRE CONNECTION. Perhaps the men are getting it better, but the women seemed more hesitant, thinking it was more for the men. As a SENSITIVE I witness the energetic flows, and feel that the women could be more supportive, if they were clearer on what they actually were doing. The power available in the group is still so unformed in relationship to its potential. THANK YOU for making these workshops possible.
    ONE LOVE – SUSANNA BANY, Toronto, Canada

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