I Am A Guarantor For Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can be done if, on one hand, I do everything possible, for example, studying, integrating into the group, and performing dissemination; and on the other hand, I see that I have stayed in my pride and haven’t taken anything else into consideration, meaning, have simply blocked myself?

Answer: You need to ask the friends to help you, to support you, to pray for you. “Prayer for the many” is the prayer for someone else, for others.

A person can’t pray for himself since that would be an egoistic request. Even if you convince yourself that you, as if, want the attribute of bestowal, in any case it would be egoistic since you want it for yourself.

When I am in the group, I only want one thing, to be a guarantor for everyone. I want to be their guarantor and that they will attain everything that they want! And in this way we are all mutual guarantors for each other.

Otherwise, we won’t be matching in our attributes to that of the upper field. We are within it like charged particles in a magnetic field that separates us instead of attracting and drawing us nearer. Because we want to take advantage of it for ourselves, it repels us.

How can we attain similarity with Him? For this we need to connect to the friends, and then I will have some similarities to this field. It is here that the exact laws of physics work as described in The Study of the Ten Sefirot; there is no mysticism here.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/12, Shamati #30

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  1. Rav,

    What , on our part, causes the Light to connect us to the friends? Until it does, it seems we’re only wasting everyone’s time. We remain egoistic to the core doing pointless inner work we hope helps someone since it doesn’t help the individual or performing physical actions without the correct intention until the light starts to oppose these actions. What causes it to bring us to the the group? Must something altruistic desire to connect manifest in us without it’s help?

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