The Ruse In The Quality Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should the situation change, qualitatively and quantitatively after the introduction of integral education and upbringing?

Answer: For example, we can compare the statistics of a city where an integral experiment is being conducted, a city like Detroit, where violence, murder, and suicide are prevalent and the most active part of population is leaving the city. If things are left to take a natural course of development, like in Detroit, the city will become a ghost town.

But a town with integral learning is beginning to prosper, because residents together build parks and attractions, and find ways to attract tourists, etc. All of this is possible.

If we were to compare the data from the two cities, it is like heaven and earth. If once Detroit was a prospering city, now it is impossible to step outside. The homes, that once cost a million dollars to build, now go for no more than five to ten thousand dollars! But no one wants to buy them; it is impossible to live in these houses because you do not feel safe at home. No one goes there. It is impossible to convey what a city turns into in a case like this.

But a city where an integral process is taking place will attract everyone, since its population is becoming richer by creating a completely new atmosphere. For this reason, apartments in a city, a place where this is happening, will rise in value.
From KabTV’s “Experimental City: Upbringing” 3/3/12

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