The Post-Crisis World Institute: Wait For The Storm II

Opinion (Bassem Hafes Qushou, Palestinian Territories, chairman of the board of trustees, Palestinian Friendship Center for Cultural Exchange; economist, strategic planner and training director, Al-Quds Open University, Ramallah, from the international research paper Models of Post-Crisis Development): “Priorities which must be taken into account to bring about global development are increasing the importance of spiritual values, development of global network technologies, and solving environmental problems and preventing global environmental disasters. The first priority is very important, since it will be difficult to achieve the second and the third without considering and achieving it, and, without the achievement of the second one, the third will never be achieved, so these three priorities are interdependent.

Heribert Marty, Switzerland, director of the company Volcon: ‘A world without gold can work – but not one without oil, copper etc.’

Adelya Atabaeva, Uzbekistan, financial expert at the Association of European Business: ‘The role of natural resources is very important. Battles are already unfolding for use of natural resources in the Antarctic and Arctic shelves. The issue is already salient, as the world’s major powers are starting to argue about who will develop and get this wealth. Therefore, this will play a big role in the short term.’”

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