A New Person For The New Epoch

Dr. Michael LaitmanA major problem at the moment is the sharp rise in unemployment caused by the economic crisis. After all, we have built a society in such a way that it is producing more and more products and stuffing each person with everything possible. In doing so, we have abused our capabilities and produce an endless stream of things that people throw away as soon as possible to buy new ones, all for the enrichment of the manufacturers.

However, the crisis has come and the demand is no longer what it should be in a large, developing consumer society. On the contrary, society is reducing its consumption and as a result everything is slowing down and crumbling. Industry is weakening, companies are going bankrupt and dragging down the financial system: banks, insurance, and investment firms. As a result, experts estimate that only 10% of the world population will be working to provide us with all the necessities for life, and the work of other people will simply not be needed.

So suddenly, we find millions of people remain free from work. However, there is a method according to which millions of industrial and office workers who are leaving the job market and becoming free from work will be able to start a new work. From now on their task will be to form our balance with the nature, to initiate social and human changes. It is necessary to create a new human being for the new era that we are entering.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” #20, 3/28/12

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