New Desires For The Old

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexander Timofeev, from “Nowadays I occasionally think back to the Soviet times with nostalgia, but not for the repressive regime and perpetual shortages, but for the confidence in the future, soulfulness, and kindness of people that existed in those years. This is why I, an aging optimist living in an era of change, want to go forward into the past—so that the time would come when we would be just as cheerful and kind as in the ‘80s, while at the same time free, well-fed, and beautifully dressed like in the modern times. Perhaps this is Utopia, but it is for its sake that I want to live.”

My Comment: All kindness and fullness can be arranged only after our prior reasoned and conscious unification, which requires something that wasn’t present before in any attempt to create an anti-egoistic (counter-natural) society:

1. The presence of fully developed egoism and awareness of it as the carrier of destruction to our entire civilization—the condition of nature, and

2. The revelation of integral upbringing as the means for changing man and society from egoism to altruism by using the property of nature (Ohr Makif) and not through violence.

The sooner we reveal this opportunity to ourselves and to others, the more we’ll reduce the suffering and accelerate the creation of a single integral humanity. It’s programmed into our development as our next step, but how to come to it—whether involuntarily through suffering or through conscious aspiration—that is our choice, our freedom of will.

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