Is China Heading Towards Famine?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Scientific American): “Crop losses from climate-related challenges are already affecting the nation’s ability to feed more than 1.3 billion Chinese…

“In north China, where wheat fields have dominated the landscape for centuries, the crop is becoming increasingly difficult to grow as the land gets drier and warmer. In southern China, droughts in recent years have replaced rainy seasons, drying up rice paddies on a large scale. …

“That raises the question of whether 1.34 billion Chinese — accounting for almost one-fifth of the world’s population — would be able to feed themselves. Currently, China produces slightly less grains than its people consume. Crop losses caused by extreme weather events, insect attacks and other problems associated with climate change are rocking the already delicate balance.”

My Comment: The problem of famine is not in drought, but first of all, in the incorrect relationship within the human society: It has long been calculated that with equal distribution, there would be enough of everything! And with egoistic consumption, there will always be hungry people. Nature will force us to reach an equitable distribution.

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