A New Invitation To Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanReceiving the Torah means getting to know the Creator who is revealed in our connection with each other. Events that happened at Mount Sinai indicate necessary conditions that need to be realized: to feel an exile from the state of connection and unity and the lack of sensation of the Creator that is being revealed inside of this connection to the extent of groaning from the work.

And all of this happens under Pharaoh’s blows, which we go through trying to connect despite all the rejection, hostility, and hatred that gives egoism an opportunity to escape. But still, we aspire toward connection and are ready to accept it in any shape or form in order for it to happen.

Then we cross the Red Sea and reach Mount Sinai, although there is still a long way to get closer to that state. And then we gather at Mount Sinai (the mountain of hatred); this means, we finally managed to unite around our hatred and to accept the condition of a mutual guarantee: to become one man with one heart. Under such circumstances, a force of correction becomes revealed to us. It turns out that in order to gain this power, it is necessary to go through a number of states by increasing and clarifying our demand, which means building a vessel suitable for the correction, both in the mind and in the heart. By realizing that we need nothing else but that, we will receive the revealed method of correction and the power allowing us to go above reason.

With this power we can fight against our egoism, which continuously grows, but now it grows consciously and under control. It is clear that we are making unpleasant discoveries and revealing new evil in the left line, but then we correct it in the right line. So we gradually learn how to correct all our egoism to finally enter the land of Israel.

The most important moment in this work comes after elation and ascent achieved as a result of a big convention. After all, there comes a new phase, beginning with a hardening of the heart, a new invitation to Pharaoh, who hardened even more. And then, above all, commitment to lower oneself and accept this process is important. Although we still do not feel that such states are absolutely necessary for us, we must accept them as inevitable, that is to trust the higher teacher leading us forward.

It is the Creator who hardened Pharaoh’s heart, and here we need to rise to a certain level of canceling ourselves by accepting this hardening and working with devotion. It is necessary to accept the fact that there is none else besides Him, and strive to stay connected, no matter how hard the state comes in.

And such difficult challenges are usually given after big gatherings, the general feeling of inspiration and connection. But we must realize that difficult states that come afterward is a time of real work. Now you are given an opportunity to properly treat a new egoistic nature, a new broken Reshimo, which you must work with.

But the mind and the heart forget about it, and a person gets confused thinking that everything that is happening is the truth and not a game coming from above. There, the general opinion of the group and mutual support should come to the rescue. Apart from confusion and mixed feelings everyone goes through, a person must receive a second point of view from the group that is beyond this confusion, in order to show where this special state and all mixed feelings are coming from. It comes from a new Reshimo that purposely is revealed to us by the Creator to perceive it correctly.

All development goes through the stages of HaVaYaH beginning with the “tip of the letter ‘Yod’“, that is completely unknown to us. Then passes the stage of “Yod-Hey,” the development from top-down, and then “Vav-Hey,” our preparations, perceptions, and reactions from below. Thus, when a new state is put in us in the stages of “Yod-Hey,” it is important to learn how to properly accept it. Not everyone is capable of doing it yet. We should not blame them but the overall strength of the group that did not provide sufficient support, knowledge, and feeling that all these states are given to us in order to advance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/15/12, Writings of Rabash

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