A Discussion In A Circle

Question: What exactly are we to speak about during a discussion in a circle?

Answer: First of all, it is best if the circles consist of ten people. Women separately and men separately, but everyone does the same kind of work.

A circle must have a person responsible for order. For example, 15 minutes are allotted to the common discussion of a certain question, but someone spends over 10 minutes speaking; this means that his time must be stopped. This is done by the person responsible for order who passes the right to speak to the next person in order. This is first.

Second. It is possible that someone suddenly deviates from the topic, but he thinks that he is right on the topic. The person responsible for order also must stop him.

The person responsible for order in a circle must be elected, a new person is appointed every time.

For this reason, every person absolutely must express his opinion during the 15 minutes allotted to the discussion of a certain topic (for example: “the greatness of the group,” “the greatness of a friend,” “the greatness of connection,” “the need for attaining unity”). Moreover, exchanges of opinion, like in table tennis, are also necessary; these exchanges of opinion must be as close to the topic as possible, as close as possible to the center of the group, that is, to unity. Everyone must think about how the word he is now saying will help the common unity.

The seminar begins with the common instructor—I, or one of the students, for example—leads a preliminary conversation.

It does not matter who exactly leads the conversation, because the greatness, the attainment, is born out of the common effort of everyone in the circle: Here no one is teaching from above downward. This is why the fact that at first I take upon myself to lead these events is purely figurative, only to properly focus everyone on the matter at hand, and then it could be somebody else.

In other words, at first there needs to be a preliminary conversation, and then the actual training.

It is best to begin the seminar with a constant, perhaps even a familiar melody, as an introduction to the same program.

It is best for people in the circle to sit very close together even touching one another. This affects them in such a way that they automatically come closer to each other, wish to feel their collectivity, even physically. They can hug, have their knees touch: Human communication leads to this.
From the Virtual Lesson 5/20/12, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah”

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  1. Beautiful, Thank You I do have a question and the more I join my dear Friends the more I question. How can we have a physical group where we live or around we live???

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