The Outline Of The Opposite World Is On The Horizon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you combine “faith above reason” and the principle that “you may only judge what your eyes see”?

Answer: You must only base your critical assessment on your real sensations, as it is written: “A judge has only what his eyes can see” and not on what I think is written, what I was taught, or what someone said. What matters is what a person feels in his desires and what he understands with his mind.

This is our foundation: I don’t have more than what I am feeling now. And now I need to see how I can rise above it. This is because all spiritual growth is based on rising to a new degree every single time. But how can I rise to a new degree? In corporeal life we ascend the degrees through our egoistic desires and deeper, comprehending thoughts, in other words through the growth of the heart and the mind. But when it comes to spiritual ascent what matters is not the quantitative growth, but elevated qualities.

This is why I don’t work on growing my mind and feelings. I don’t strive to feel and understand more in my studies and regular life. It’s not that I limit myself; this simply is not the direction I see for myself. After all I want to acquire a new quality which is not inside the old heart and mind.

I need a different heart and mind! It is like two different pictures. The heart and mind which operate in the new picture of the world care for their neighbor even though I don’t yet know what this is. But back at the old picture it’s the other way around, I only care for myself.

And both of these pictures have an absolutely equal right to exist. But I need to reveal this second picture, the second reality. And it’s impossible to imagine it until it becomes revealed. We are only preparing ourselves for it. Light comes to us from that new picture according to the efforts we make to attain it from our previous position. This Light gradually forms the ability in us to begin to distinguish this picture from afar and gradually imagine what it’s like. But that which happens there we call the “higher knowledge,” beyond our mind, as it is written: “I have seen an opposite world.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/12, Shamati #16

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