The Geometry Of The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar is the source of the power. But this power is like electricity: it all depends on what you connect to it—a heater or an air conditioner, a device that creates pressure or vacuum. This power can perform whatever you want.

Our desire is called an intention: what we want the power to do for us. And it does. Even our worst requests and our best requests that are aimed at the goal or at the opposite from it, the power performs everything according to the request of the lower. But if my direction matches that power, the benefit I receive is maximal. If my direction doesn’t really match the direction of the power, then according to my diversion from it, according to the cosine of the angle between us, I reach only partial fulfillment. If I aim at the opposite direction, then I am opposed to this power, the power neutralizes my power, and I suffer. But through the loss, this power still turns me towards the goal. This is because I always receive a combination of the positive or negative powers in the measure of my direction coinciding to the thought of creation.

There is a straight line to the goal and I should follow it. If I follow this line—our powers unite. If I digress from the line, then although our powers are the same, I lose the cosine of the angle, according to my diversion.

But if I aim in the opposite direction, not totally opposite but in a certain angle—then according to the cosine of the angle in which I am the opposite from Him, the Creator neutralizes the power. So in any case, I get a response from Him, although it is a negative response. This negative response is the combination of His power and my power. Therefore, eventually He turns me in the right direction through suffering.

If I am below the zero, I feel pain, and if I am above the zero I feel pleasure. In any case, all of humanity advances with or without intention. The power that directs us works constantly. We call it the Reforming Light.

So the main thing is what we want because the Light operates, especially while reading The Book of Zohar.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/12, The Zohar

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