The Desert Guides

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnce, humanity was touched by spiritual unity. We are talking about the people of Israel who were connected by brotherly ties and were all friends in the days preceding the exile when the Temple still existed. Then, we were all brothers living perfectly in mutual connection and mutual participation.

But, then the Temple was destroyed because of unfounded hatred. As usual, in the course of development, the egoistic desire suddenly grew in this nation, and it fell from the degree of brotherly love to the degree of unfounded hatred, becoming even worse than other nations who were not bound by brotherly love and did not experience this fall. Since then, this nation became rejected and peculiar. So far, it cannot find a place and rest.

Hence we can see that human hate towards this nation obviously is a reflection of the law of nature. This hate towards the representatives of Israel and Israel as a whole can be found everywhere. The reason is that these people should be the first ones to return to the corrected state, to brotherly love, to rise from the unfounded hatred stretching for two thousand years of exile, to unity and by this set an example for all the rest. They must realize what they had before because this perhaps makes them unique and different in the eyes of others.

The world needs this good example because it does not know how to get out of the crisis. And we, the sons of Israel, are in a specific state: We reveal the method of correction for all of humanity and we need to demonstrate brotherly love, the realization of the principle of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We need to show humanity that precisely in this way all the people will come out of the desert they are lost in to a beautiful and wonderful life.

We have been entrusted with an enormous, unique, and very important task. There is no challenge greater and better than the one that we face now.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 10, 1/8/12

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