Studying The Laws Of Creation On Ourselves

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator’s purpose is to do good to His created beings. The pleasure that comes from the Creator can only be felt by two opposites, when we see Him from a point that is opposite to the good. Then, in this gap between the empty vessel and the Light, we can all feel His goodness.

It cannot be done differently according to the way we see it. Therefore, there was the shattering of the vessels as preparation. Thanks to the fact that we work on the correction of the vessels, we begin to feel the gap between the corrupt vessel and the correct one.

The corrupt vessel is called the desire to receive for itself, and the corrected vessel is the desire to bestow upon others. The correction begins from the level of this world, from the complete detachment from the feeling of the connection with the Creator.

All the laws we have to discover, to determine, and to fulfill are the laws of society. In it we learn these laws in the process of our work, as it says: “There is none wiser than the experienced.” Therefore, the moment a person is given the urge to correct himself, he begins to look for the meaning of life that is actually in the corrected vessel, and then he is brought to the group so that he will be able to put together his spiritual vessel and feel the purpose and meaning of life in it.

We learn on ourselves all the laws of reality by our gradual connection in the group. This is what the whole wisdom of Kabbalah is dedicated to: It tells us about how Kabbalists correct themselves and connect with others on the corporeal and the spiritual levels. In fact, there is nothing but the correction on which this wisdom is based.

It takes a long time until we agree to hear this, then there is a long period in which we hear it but cannot implement it, or don’t feel the connection between the world and what we should do.

During that time the Light influences us in small portions, until we finally begin to feel that we have no choice and that we have to fulfill what we hear. In doing that there are many degrees and states.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/12, Writings of Rabash

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