Questions About The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are we always running from the rod that will hit us? Why doesn’t the Creator rule us in a gentler, more encouraging way? The way reality is set up, it makes a person feel not that He is the good that does good, but rather the bad that does bad. Why not teach us by guiding us instead of by the rod?

Answer: Otherwise we will not renounce our egoism.

Question: Why does the Creator have the need to give? Why does He want to give?

Answer: This is His nature!

Question: My perception is that the goal of drawing closer to the Creator so that one may become spiritually one with Him could be construed as the temptation of Eve. The promise of becoming like G-d was a powerful persuasion, and in religious teaching, not something we should desire. Is there truly a conflict here, and if so, is there an explanation for it?

Answer: It’s not to become G-d, but be similar to G-d in the property of love and bestowal.

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