Questions About Future Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the post “Are Mass Protests An Effective Means Of Reform?” you write: “…no country today is capable of controlling its domestic affairs, and all of them together cannot deal with anything as well. No one can do anything, and that includes all of the countries and governments. And there is no solution to the situation besides drawing closer to nature.”

Are you saying that after we come closer to nature, the next thing will be for all the countries of the world to get together and come up with a plan that will benefit all, and then take it to the public of each country for more detailed solutions?

Answer: Today it’s already clear that all countries are totally dependent upon each other. However, nobody knows how to govern the world in which everything is globally interconnected, and this lack of knowledge is called the crisis. The exit from the crisis is in learning how to be interconnected as nature itself is. Then we will be able to make correct decisions and act accordingly.

Question: What do you actually mean when you say “the preceding development is over”? Will there still be money being made, businesses opening up?

Answer: Everything will happen according to the law of evolution, the only difference being that until now we developed unconsciously, as dictated by nature, and today we develop against our desire, which means consciously.

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