Education Can Fix The Addicted Brain

Dr. Michael LaitmanReport (from the Science Magazine, University of Cambridge): “Addiction to drugs is a major contemporary public health issue, characterized by maladaptive behavior to obtain and consume an increasing amount of drugs at the expense of the individual’s health and social and personal life. We discovered abnormalities in fronto-striatal brain systems implicated in self-control in both stimulant-dependent individuals and their biological siblings who have no history of chronic drug abuse; these findings support the idea of an underlying neurocognitive endophenotype for stimulant drug addiction.”

My Comment: Everything depends on upbringing, even the development of Man, meaning Adam (from the word “similar” to the Creator) from Homo Sapiens, or rather Homo Erectus. It’s because upbringing summons an external influence. But education through Kabbalistic sources attracts the influence of the upper Light that changes the program of thinking and connection.

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