Don’t Negotiate With Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should relate to all the problems in the groups as to the necessary revelation of evil that we should not conceal. So it’s good that the evil is revealed and we should reveal it, but only for one moment. If a person stalls and remains in the evil that has been revealed a moment longer than it is necessary for its correction, he is already in impurity (Klipa or shell).

This is called “the devil’s touch,” which is needed only for a moment so that we could reveal the evil and immediately correct it. We should be prepared for that. Unfortunately, however, I see that it doesn’t always happen that way, and people don’t correct the evil, but rather sink into it for a long time as if enjoying being in it. They don’t understand that such states are given to us on purpose, so that we will grow thanks to them.

The Creator always invites you: “Come to Pharaoh!” But do we come to Pharaoh together with the Creator from the point of Moses, which exists in us like the representatives of “Yashar-El” (straight to the Creator), meaning those aimed straight at the Creator, whom we want to reach through “Pharaoh”? Or are we merely coming to him to demand, to negotiate better conditions for us, like ordinary slaves who argue with their master by demanding more benefits and rewards?

In the meantime we forget what the approach of “come to Pharaoh” symbolizes. Instead of relating to the situation from the perspective of the spiritual goal, we slip into arguments or childish games, starting to deal with corporeal matters (as if there is some meaning in it) and trying to sort things out between us.

I warn all of you that we should leave these states as soon as possible and to be sensitive to everything that is happening with us, not forgetting that there is truly “none else besides Him” and that the invitation of “come to Pharaoh” always comes from the Creator. The Creator begins, and we, together with Him, should relate to Pharaoh from the point of Moses.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/6/2012, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Moses, who stands atop Sinai, as the king of the mountain, as pharaoh, but also as the receiving tip of the opposite, the creator above.

    Alpha and omega, pharaoh and creator, Moses by single name. The point of freedom, the point of rotation, of movement.

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