“Analysis: Ditch The Assumption Developed Economies Are Safe”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Reuters, the UK): “The downgrade of much of Europe’s credit ratings demonstrates in perhaps the bluntest terms so far the collapse of any lingering — if lazy — assumptions that developed states are somehow ‘safer’ than emerging counterparts…

“The only good news, some say, is that the recent downgrade means Europe and perhaps the wider West is finally confronting its true situation… ‘The main effect… could be more honest dialogue about the real reasons for the crisis… The accounts speak clearly for themselves – no progress, no real plans.

“Whether the political systems that served western states in decades or longer of economic growth can deliver that is another question.”

My Comment: It is very difficult for Europe to admit and accept defeat in a fight with a new wave of development. That it is still powered by its youth is all in the past. It cannot reject this for now. It needs serious re-education that comes from all the media and is welcomed and constantly supported by kings and thinkers, by fascists and socialists.

The task to get rid of the European complex “We are Europe” should be formulated in advance and put at the heart of a new system of upbringing (namely upbringing rather than education). It should be replaced with the goal—adapting to a new world. The restructuring is needed not in political and economic systems, but in the worldview of the Europeans.

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