A Play That Transforms Into Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanNature develops us incrementally, in stages. Each time, at every stage, through each generation we acquire more and more reason and feeling, we come to know nature and creation, rise above everything, and learn to perceive, to dominate…. And evidently, in the end of his development, man will indeed attain the highest level of reality.

In this case, let’s take a look at what helps us develop, what forces operate us.

Let’s examine the picture as a whole through a particular example of a child. In the absence of external human factors, he or she will develop like an animal under the influence of his natural impulses and urges. In this case, a child won’t mature to the level of the things humanity has created for him. If he isn’t placed into a society of peers, he will not know how to behave with other people, how to connect, play, and communicate with them, how to use them, help them, and seek their help.

On the other hand, if we organize an environment for him: a kindergarten, a school, educators, and games, if parents constantly try to develop him by means of external stimuli that will draw him forward instead of natural impulses that push him from behind, his growth will accelerate greatly. He can be taught music, drawing, sculpture, dancing, computer skills, and many other things—on the condition that we provide him with these means from the outside.

Accordingly, there are two forces of development: One pushes from the back naturally, and the other pulls from the front through the means of a correct environment.

Perhaps that very same principle pertains to us too? After thousands of years we finally understand that we need to develop like a fruit on a tree, from bad states to good. So let us organize an environment for ourselves that will draw us forward. Then we would go through the remaining phases quickly and comfortably, without receiving painful blows from behind. Let us take advantage of development games, intelligent explanations, and other wonderful means, whose influence will be gentle and pleasant.

Today, having already figured out the two modes of our development, we ended up in a truly tragic state and confronted by the global crisis. Humanity doesn’t know how to care for itself. It resembles a lost child who helplessly stands in the middle of a room, feeling that he’s been abandoned by everyone. The crisis engulfs all realms: family, education, culture, relationships between parents and children, drugs, divorces, science, and most importantly, economic and financial systems. Moreover, we are are experiencing an ecological crisis, having absolutely no idea what great catastrophes will befall us in the near future.

Are we capable of bringing everything into order? Are we capable of developing as comfortably and quickly as possible? We see that this depends on the environment. We also see that we can actually organize an environment for ourselves that will speed up our development.

Thousands of years passed before we invented many different tools for a child: games, computers, music, dances, activities of various kinds, and swimming pools…. After all, we had to first understand that it’s all actually worth it. Perhaps we need to implement the same scheme for the human society too?

We already know that to accelerate development, we need special means. For example, to hatch chicken eggs, we don’t wait for a hen to sit on them, but rather incubate the eggs and thereby supply the needed amount of chickens and eggs without waiting for favors from nature.

It turns out that our whole problem is only in acquiring an understanding about the means through which a modern person can be developed. We can also see the solution thanks to the modern global, integral crisis.

On one hand, it encompasses the whole world, but on the other, this threatening state essentially demonstrates a lack of our development. Today we are discovering that we are completely and totally dependent on each other. All kinds of research illustrate that. And essentially, our inability to unite is the source of all problems. We make our own life more difficult and insecure; we ourselves introduce fear and limitations into it. Something is interfering with our correct unification. Yet, by unifying among ourselves we would eliminate the majority of disasters.

Besides, we can confirm this by taking a look at the path of development we’ve already undergone. With every change of the generations, the population of the earth grew, education improved, and we witnessed the development of culture, industry, cooperation, collaboration, mutual dependence, and so on. But right now we depend on each other not in things that pertain to our salary, income, banking, and business. We depend on each other in the human factor: We are not able to establish a connection, and its lack is preventing us from bringing security into our lives. We are similar to spouses that cannot get along inside their four walls. Except we cannot divorce because, as it were, we don’t have an extra planet.

Thus, experience and research indicate that the most desirable form of our development is unification, just like for a pair of lovebirds. If humanity finds a way to unite, it will achieve happiness.

Thus it’s clear what we need to do: We need to create an environment for ourselves that will educate us about how to unite correctly. Thereby we will be like a wise little boy who, knowing that he needs to grow up correctly, builds a corresponding environment for himself. For example, he comes to his neighbors and says: “I will give you money so that you start to unite demonstratively with each other and display your unity for me. Pull me into your unity, embody it like actors who are performing a play about a happy life. I know that these examples will help me to grow up in a good and correct way. In this manner, with your help, I want to liberate myself from the current situation.”

Another example: I wouldn’t mind studying music, but on the other hand, I don’t have a burning desire for it. I need a “locomotive,” an environment that will draw me forward, egging me on with brilliant prospects of the chosen path. Then I will reach out to musicians and pay them so they would come to my get-togethers, play their music, talk about music, or compose something while I’m around. All that impresses me, I understand that music is a sublime art, very deep and significant. Even though I paid them, the “harmony of the spheres” nevertheless enchants me.

In this manner the environment helps me develop through a kind path. Even if the means seem fake, the result is very real.

The most important thing here is the society. I can create this society myself, but undoubtedly it can also be formed for me by wise people who know how to use this resource. The world has many scientists and specialists who are very knowledgeable about human development, we only need to help them and to hear what they are saying. And they all say the same thing: We should surround ourselves with a society that will exert a correct influence on all of us.

Then we will set a correct course and will go along a kind path of incremental development. We will “ripen” ourselves before misfortunes and misery force us to do it through pressure from behind. Or, putting it differently, we will quickly hatch inside our “incubator” into a life in a new wonderful world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 2, 12/28/11

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  1. It has been said that “United we stand, divided we fall.”
    This is the clue to all our present problems. Among humans, there are politicians. They know that if humanity unites and stands as one and focuses in one direction, they will fail.
    What do they do?
    All is done by them to divide and rule so as to gain. The general good of humanity is not their affair.
    Also, we have unscrupulous churchmen who like their political peers, will not want the faiths to come together. Even in the same faith, they create divisions.
    All these doom humanity.
    Only humanity, through God’s help, and humanity’s growing awareness on this can save the world.
    an , as he evolves, sees and understands and as he sets himself on the ladder of evolution, with time will turn round the tables. Every thing grows and God’s time is the best. Nobody can hold the hands of the clock from turning. Not even the politicians not even the so called men of God.

  2. I so agree. We need to change our society from a male energy to a female energy. Patrirchial to Matriarial. From self serving to community. Keep on teaching this good message.

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