A Disturbing Indifference

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Freedom of will, is it one’s voluntary agreement to be a part of integral upbringing to become an integrated human being?

Answer: It is a realization of the necessity and the fact that there’s nothing but this.

Nobody wants this; after all, we’re all egoists. However, when you begin to study and to see where everything is headed, you begin to understand the importance, the necessity, and inevitability of the next state. You also begin to wonder what will happen if you choose to shut your eyes like a small child that denies the existence of something simply because he doesn’t see it.

If I approach this consciously, then I see the terrible suffering on all levels that are befalling to push me to it. This suffering is increasing gradually, not descending as a huge immediate blow. First there is a little prodding, and then it gets stronger and stronger. But, I can already imagine what it would be.

Now we have come to serious prodding. Just look at how many natural disasters, revolutions, and other difficulties we’ve had in the past year. People are even openly discussing the possibility of nuclear war, but they are talking about it too softly.
From a “Talk about the Integrated World” #12

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