When The Upper One Lifts You Up In His Arms

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During yesterday’s lesson, I felt a great heaviness. Afterward, I went outside and I was so lost that for a long time I didn’t understand where I was. How is it possible to go through and process states like these?

Answer: Indeed you know that we must go through spiritual birth. Birth is complete reversal, like a revolution. A person has to go through a certain number of states through which he acquires a new vision: He sees everything in a usual way, like others, and together with this, he sees the other side, as well, the reversal. And this is what happens not only once, but several times.

He has to get used to detaching himself from his animal nature and existing without perceiving the world through his body. It is not mysticism but special work that we let the Light perform on us. We don’t know when we will fall into these states; it is difficult to predict and locate them in advance. But it happens in order to give you enthusiasm, a feeling that it is possible to see the world in a way not according to what you are used to.

If a person works intensively with authentic books, attracts to himself the Light that reforms, and tries to connect with the group, then he goes through states like these. There is nothing special or dangerous about this. It doesn’t cause any unwanted results, but it is done only in order to accustom the person to see the world and all of reality in an objective manner.

The objective manner is the same form that I clothe. Objectiveness in itself doesn’t exist. Even the Creator, as it seems, is not objective, since He sees everything by way of bestowal, while we now see everything through our egoism. But in order to teach us to see reality from two points of view, they are transferred to us through exercises like these.

In our corporeal world there is no “division” like this since we never leave this one world, which operates according to the principles of egoistic reception. Thus it is impossible to explain to someone that there can be another perception. They see it as sophisticated psychology.

But with us it happens in a materialistic way, since we change our substance with others. When the reforming Light operates on a person, it gives him a foundation that is called the desire to bestow. And the person already begins to see the world through this desire.

And in the meantime, it happens not only at the expense of the person himself, but also simply teaches him, shakes him up a little, and awakens him, like a grown-up who lifts a baby in his arms and the child suddenly sees a new world from above. One that is big and wide. He, himself, asked that he be lifted and held up in order to feel grown up like everyone, and even more than that, since everything becomes visible in front of him.

But does he deserve this height? No, we are those who lift him and want to show him that something else exists besides the childish perception, in order to awaken a desire and urge in him to attain it.

And the exercises of this kind are sometimes given to us from above, with the help of the surrounding Light. Usually they happen suddenly. In these exercises there are sometimes states that are incomprehensible to us, and thus they aren’t pleasant and they confuse us to a great degree. The person totally doesn’t understand how it all can turn upside down and is alarmed because he doesn’t know what is happening to him.

They simply want to show you now that there are other forms of perception that exist, different than the forms that you are used to. In this world there exists something other than what you felt the last few tens of years of your life. It happens this way with everyone.

We go through these kinds of states, until we get used to them. In the beginning, they are considered as exceptions and incomprehensible to the extent that you don’t know what to do with them. Afterward, you already get used to the existence of this inversion. You even begin to identify it in the friends when they lose balance and experience passing from state and state.

Thus we advance. You get used to it and anticipate that the inner states will change as quickly and frequently as possible, because through them you formulate acquaintance with reality. After all, all of reality is within you and depends on your state.

Thus we progress until the Machsom (barrier), where really a true change occurs. And everything that happens until then is designed to prepare for this. Get used to it!

You should be happy that you already have begun to feel yourself as something other than a beast, and that fundamental and highly qualitative changes are occurring in your attributes, in the perception that the Light that reforms brings you. No one is hypnotizing you, but it is simply the real beginning of feeling changes within.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/23/12, Shamati #148

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  1. “They simply want to show you now that there are other forms of perception that exist, different than the forms that you are used to.”

    Who is “they” in the above quoted text? souls?

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