When Overcome By Deadly Sleep

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf there is no desire in a person’s heart, he falls asleep and is considered dead in spirituality. After all, spirituality begins when the desire awakens it. The desire never comes by itself.

Even if a person is awakened from Above, and suddenly feels a longing in his heart, a strange desire—it is all on account of the Upper. Nothing but that will come to us from Above. Although it may seem to a person that he advances with the one desire that he was given as a present from Above, he cannot advance by himself. It will go away the same way it appeared, leaving almost no traces.

We have to try and accurately clarify where our desire comes from. It can come from the group, from a friend, from an impression, from a certain event, or from a certain memory. A person attributes all this to himself because he doesn’t know and cannot feel that it comes from the outside. But he must calculate and check whether he was searching for it a moment before that, in tension, did he try to attain that desire? If there is nothing that ties the previous moment to the appearance of the desire, it means that it isn’t his, but that it simply passed through him and wasn’t registered on his account.

This desire doesn’t bring him correction, but is rather like an exercise given to a child so that he will learn. But it is not considered part of one’s personal advancement. While an example together with his participation is enough for a child, for us it is not enough. All our advancement is only thanks to our own desire.

This means that I have to exert myself with regard to my environment and the books in situations where I cannot do that and do not have any previous desire. It is from such situations that I have to try and somehow wake up.

Here the habit of working according to a clear schedule is very important so that I know what I have to do now. Then I will remember and oblige myself to do it. This can also be thanks to the mutual guarantee in the group, which always reminds me of my obligation to myself and to others.

I can get additional support if I build a system around me that constantly reminds me how important spirituality is and makes me search again.

But even if I am reminded from Above in a way that I don’t understand, by “the direct and indirect influence of the Creator,” in the hidden ways as the Creator operates—I still have to continue by myself afterwards until I discover my own desire.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/11/12, The Zohar

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