What Do You Do When Everyone Is Right?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: The more contradictions there are between opinions and the more criticism there is, the more the knowledge and wisdom increase and matters become more suitable for examination and clarification.

The degeneration and failure of intelligence stem only from the lack of criticism and disagreement. Thus, evidently, the whole basis of physical success is the measure of unity of the society, and the basis for the success of intelligence and knowledge is the separation and disagreement among them.

We see that these two opposites provide mutual support for one another. Separation and unity must be balanced so they won’t cancel, but would support one another. And then, between them we find the middle line, containing both of them equally. It’s not halves of two extremes, but all of the separation and all of the unity must eventually unite into one.

We are used to something else: Every person slightly gives in somewhat or slightly adds, and thus we reach a superficial agreement. In essence, this isn’t agreement, but it’s simply that out of having no other choice, I let you occupy a piece of my territory and you give me a piece of yours. That’s how we suffer due to having no other options.

However, if we create unity for the sake of uniting with the Creator, then two opposite forces have to participate in it together. That is something we do not know how to do with our “flat” understanding. Only the upper Light can show us that this is possible. This requires a higher, spiritual mind, which removes contradiction, as it is written, “One and the other are words of the living God.”

The upper Light brings its third force to unite opposites. However, we cannot explain this to people. They will think this is religion or mysticism. Therefore, we give an explanation on another level: everyone is right and wrong. We already understand that we cannot get along with each other and there will never be peace among us. So let’s ascertain peace on a higher level, above us, as it is written, “Love will cover all sins.”

One might think: How could that be? After all, the sins remain. No, we will hold a “unity umbrella” above us and will constantly care only about it. Then we will understand that all transgressions between us are intended precisely to strengthen that “umbrella.” We will see them as reasons to unite and will say, “That’s great because without them we would not need love. But now we need it since otherwise we will simply eat each other.” This solution will be clear, approved, and accepted by the world.

However, the true solution already belongs to our level: We bring Light that reforms to the world, without which people will not be able to hold the common “umbrella” above their heads.

At the end of the day, we are not saying anything new. Then what will cause them to accept our offer?
In the current situation with its multiple disagreements, conflicts, impasses and nuclear armaments, with its global crisis, we sound logical. Indeed, there is no point looking for who is right in the general discord. Everyone is right and wrong at the same time. We do not accept anyone’s separate opinion, but instead raise one single idea – unity above everything, without any qualifications. Because otherwise, it will be the end of us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/9/12, “The Freedom”

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