We’ll Meet Tomorrow In The Desert

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I awaken the group to such a great deficiency that they’ll be ready to go to the desert to connect by tomorrow?

Answer: The only thing that we need is an internal worry. All other things stop working. Our perception of our world transforms into being closer and closer to spirituality, and we notice that there are subtler, so to speak, “not corporeal” forces operating in it.

There are such actions, which can not be described as simply mechanical—they are already more “spiritual,” relating to the force of thought, and emotional care and concern that takes place in both heart and mind. In our world today there are forces that cannot be attributed to physical forces or electromagnetic fields.

If you want to bestow to others, the main influence is executed from within the thought and desire, and through them we are all tied to one another.

Of course it’s possible to attain this also through some physical actions, but that’s very difficult. We see that according to the coarseness of the force, more time and energy is needed in order to activate it. We observe this from the development of the planet Earth. For example, on the still level, the creation of Earth took millions of years to create. For the appearance of vegetative level, another millions of years, and then for the animate world, a little less time than that was required. And when the stages of development reached man, then in total, only a few tens of thousands of years were required.

To the extent that the force is of more quality, so the time of its development is shorter: the quantity changes to quality. If you want to influence the friends in a fast and strong way, then it’s worthwhile that it happens already tomorrow. The main thing is the worry from the heart, from thought and desire.

We don’t use this enough. And it’s especially here that the force of Arvut is concealed. It’s not signatures on paper contracts or in having common property. Everything is clarified internally, with the help of the shared force: our desire, as learned in concern, and with intellect, as learned in intention, in order to shake up and awaken the network that connects between us. It’s like when you take a piece of clothing and shake it; we also need to shake the connection between us, so that the vibrations from our heart and mind will pass through it.

All of this happens as in a game. It isn’t real, after all, as we haven’t yet reached it. We only want it to happen, until in the end, it really happens. And work like this with respect to the friends, we must carry out in relation to the Creator. This means to bring to spiritual mating (returning the crown). We are coming closer and closer to this until we receive one direction in seriousness and thoughts even though we are opposite to it. The spiritual coupling is called Zivug de Haka’a, “mating by striking.” This is because it’s a real collision. Otherwise it won’t be felt.

It is written, “one’s seed is also blessed,” since from one side there is resistance and from the other side the connection breaks through. And both of these opposite attributes create the feeling of mating, the clarity of the connection, the point of unity, the spiritual orgasm.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/12, Writings of Rabash

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