We Can’t Reach Bestowal Through Disasters

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As part of the integral upbringing there will be a course in integral economy. What will it be about?

Answer: Today it’s clear to experts that we have to come to normal, healthy, balanced consumption, when each receives what he is entitled to and not more than that. We mustn’t allow luxuries on nature’s account and waste natural resources and its treasures.

Balance is the understanding of what a person needs in his world. Otherwise there will be a catastrophe and we, having no choice, will follow the same direction but in a bad way, without the understanding of what is going on.

If we follow this way, we should expect many disasters and wars that will bring us nowhere. They will only compel us to get wiser and to understand that we have to move over to the good side, in order to advance not by sufferings, but by connection and mutual guarantee, meaning by the reason. Actually, throughout history we’ve advanced by sufferings. Did it make us wiser in any way? Do we know how to advance? This means that it’s a long and very hard way.

On the other hand, following the good way, we use education and this is totally different. Thanks to education, you begin to understand what’s going on, you acquire tools that you can use, see how to act, and discover the laws of nature. Of course, the wisdom of Kabbalah should be part of this, otherwise where will we get the knowledge? Only the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about an integral world, and the integral world is the upper world.

We’ve ended development on the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. Then there is a borderline that separates us from the level of man. Everything below it belongs to reception and everything above it belongs to bestowal.

You don’t reach bestowal through sufferings. The difference between the animate level and that of man is in our consciousness, realization.

A person should understand where he is, meaning in which world, which system; he has to realize what nature is and then to reach the level of man. The difference between the animate in you and the man in you is in your consciousness, in your feeling and your mind. You have to acquire this addition.

Now we’re still part of the animate world, and we’re even more corrupt since everything we do harms us. Our whole life is made of different attempts to control each other and to harm one another. Thus we destroy ourselves, our health, all our lives, and the whole world.

From the side we seem rather strange, and only if we know the result of our development, will we be able to agree with the intermediate phases that we have to go through. So our consciousness separates man from beast. It says: “Know the God of thy father and worship Him.” We have to know the Creator, nature. This is the whole difference.

In his article “This Is for Judah,” Baal HaSulam wrote: “Thus, after all the inquiries and scrutiny, we find that the only need in man’s wishes, which does not exist in the whole of the animate species, is the awakening towards Godly Dvekut (adhesion). Only the human species is ready for it, and none other. It follows that the whole issue of presence in the human species is in that preparation imprinted in him to crave His work, and in that, he is superior to the beast.”

This is the only difference. In every other way, even if we differ from the animate world, it is only in the negative sense. What clever creature would ruin its home, as we do with our planet? What sensible creature would create such an economic system as we did? As for today, we have safes full of bills that have no backing. So today, in order to be saved from the troubles, we only need realization, change of consciousness.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/2011, “The Freedom”

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