To See The World Through The Eyes Of Women

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor tens of thousands of years until today, we have been developing by the will of fate and practically have achieved little. Psychology, the science about man, his nature, and inner world, is only about a hundred years old. Prior to its existence, we did not consider it necessary to study our behavior and we developed like animals by chance. Only now, we feel the need for knowledge about human beings, society, the environment, how to create it, and how to organize our life correctly.

The very concept of “life out of the body” sounds like mysticism, but has nothing to do with it. It means developing the ability to look at oneself as from the outside, seeing the world through the eyes of the other person. Doing so, we acquire an ability to understand each other. And that’s exactly what we need to be able to do.

It is nearly impossible for men to look at the world through the eyes of women. But almost everyone lives in a family and understands the need to create one; otherwise, we would become extinct like dinosaurs. We are obliged to have children and raise them. So, it is important to understand the psychology of the opposite gender and know not only how to live properly, but also how to enjoy this life.

By becoming included into each other, we find the other half of the world. We are built like this. And this is called a “life out of the body”; that is, we obtain an additional perception from outside. So far, I developed egoistically inside my body and tried to fulfill my desires as much as possible and to take into account the other person’s knowledge, opinion, and views as little as possible. Today, the crisis, which involves the whole world, obliges me to become part of the other and accept his point of view, his opinion, and his inner world. And then, I seemingly exit myself and become part of other people. Thus, I acquire the desires and thoughts of all humanity, all its possibilities, as if I leave my own body and attain the ability to feel the entire reality.

Here, the old era is giving way to the new one, a completely different perception of reality. Now, I have an opportunity to see and feel the reality not within my narrow perception, but through a collective feeling and understanding accumulated by all of humanity.

If I become closer to all other people and am raised in a society presented in all its breadth and diversity, then I acquire the ability to see life in the whole spectrum of sensations and perceptions rather than in my individual one. After all, now I include all people, and my palette of the world becomes much richer.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #3, 12/29/11

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  1. This is wonderful

  2. Notice how when we meet, the opposites redeem each other, transmuting them into use from raw material. Look how women change when they have kids…usually

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