There Is No Human Without Knowledge

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the purpose of gaining knowledge in the new system of integral education?

Answer: It is impossible to make a human from a student without knowledge. Namely awareness, understanding, and his voluntary participation in the process distinguish the human from an animal. Having received knowledge about the world, he will know where he lives, how he is governed, and how he should act. The goal is to make everyone part of an integral humanity, so that he can see that it is impossible otherwise, and that he must participate in everything together with others and be part of the whole picture.

Even if no one tells him, he will see that there is no other way because we give a person integral education. On the basis of this knowledge, he must gradually come to his own conclusions. And practical training will give him appropriate emotions and feelings, meaning, we will work in parallel with both his mind and heart.
From “Lessons about the New World,” 12/1/11

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