The Meaning Of Life As A Basis For Building A Person

Opinion: (Michail Barbolin, The Institute of Adult Education, The Russian Academy of Education): “It is well known that the concept of good and evil are relative. Where is the line we need to adhere to in order not to harm either oneself, or the others, or nature? Where is the mechanism which would regulate and guide human behavour? How can we arrange a world, where not only we will bring no harm, but will also know how to organize life? To accomplish this, we need to grasp the meaning of life, the meaning of modern civilization, and from there, to determine the necessary changes in society.

“With the advent of man, his destiny in this life is inherent in his essence, which he must realize by manifesting morality, interacting with the environment, and realizing love and duty.

“The meaning of life is the result of systemic activity of the human body. Its form of expression is a mental representation, as reflected in the way of life.

“The significance of meaning binds the psychic activity and the objective reality, and at the same time, belongs to the subject and object, connects the mental and physical worlds. Providing a qualitative change, the meaning of life acts as the law that connects people and actions.

“Personality is a set of social relations.

“The law of the meaning of life integrates the moral qualities of the inner world of man and their manifestations. Through the thought and meaning, man’s nature, the self, which does not concur with nature, and material actions get adjusted.

“The deep meaning of life is in an endless continuation of life through the way life.”

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