The Light Will Complete The Construction

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to build a place for the revelation of the Creator, then each of us and we altogether have to awaken love between us. However, we should be careful that this does not erase all other sensations. Everyone should critically evaluate his attitude so that “love covers all transgressions.”

This inner work is called the awakening of love in the hearts of friends. It could be manifested outside in some ways, but the main work is going on within a person. And then, as it is written: “Through the love of creatures to the love of the Creator.”

From this world, we get a corrupted impression about love and misunderstand what it is. Love means that I want to help the other reach the best possible state, desire to give him all good; this is the sign of love.

Whatever this love is—love for the Creator, creatures, or friends—its greatest aspiration is to reveal the Creator, which fills all the desires and hopes. This applies to all people.

And if we are engaged in dissemination and wholeheartedly try to offer everyone, in a form suitable for them, the opportunity to discover the power of good, which rules the world, this is an expression of our love—even if we do not sense this love in our hearts, and just act and try to connect our intention to this action seeking to reveal to everyone the method of the revelation of the Creator, and we oblige ourselves to add to that warm, sincere attitude, the thought about the benefit of man. It does not matter what kind of people they are, the worst or the best, because the revelation of the Creator cures all evils.

This will mean that I aspire to love them although I feel no love towards them.

Even from our world we know how love is shown; if parents love their children, it is obvious from their attitude because they want only good for their children, and their successes make the parents happy all the time. Love is manifested in the desire to bring the loved ones to the best condition—the revelation of the Creator. And it is trying to do it with all the warmth, and the sign of the correct action is joy.

Thus, it is our inner work that awakens the hearts of friends. And if people are far from inner work, then they have to perform external actions. We need to consider human perception; that is why it is necessary to apply internal and external efforts in relations to the friends in order to awaken love—to try to elevate their mood.

And all the time we need to worry about that general place where we expect to reveal the Creator until it is built according to all the properties of the first spiritual degree. When we are studying, talking, doing various things, we need to think only about how much we add to this general place of the revelation so that is becomes bigger and bigger until you fill the last detail and it becomes suitable for the revelation of the Creator.

Thus we act from our side, and simultaneously ask the upper Light that returns to the Source to come and complete the construction. We need to feel as partners in the building of this “common home,” which involves us on one side, and on the other side—the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/3/12, Writings of Rabash

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