Seeing The World Through Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we reach the wisdom of Kabbalah through different events in our lives, we think that the spiritual world has an external form, similar to this world’s where there are different objects that have a volume, and that there is motion and time there. This is how a person imagines the spiritual world, based on the impressions he has from this world that he is used to seeing, which is to say, that he is used to feeling. He thinks that he can feel the spiritual world this way.

In studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study about the “perception of reality” according to which the entire picture of reality is revealed inside our desire. All the images we see and the feeling of motion, space, time, and volume are all discernments of desire.

A certain desire gives us a feeling of time, another desire gives us a feeling of change, and a third desire gives us the feeling of volume, and so forth. Colors, sounds, height, and width all are different desires or vectors that together depict the world to us, both this world and the spiritual world.

The only difference is that in our world, we imagine that we are among figures that actually exist on the outside while in the spiritual world, we feel and understand that our internal forces are those that create reality inside us. We feel and understand this according to our control over these forces or desires.

If I don’t control the forces of my own desire, then these forces seem external as if they are not under my control. However, if I begin to control them with the help of restriction and Masachim (screens), then as a result of my attempt to control them, I reveal them as internal forces under my control.

Thus, we gradually begin to perceive the world in its true form until even this world that we are used to seeing as external is gradually felt more as an internal world that is inside us. Then, we understand how the writers of The Book of Zohar looked at reality, how they felt reality, and how they convey this to us when they describe it in this world’s words, in Kabbalistic terms, in the language of the Midrash, or morals.

Actually, all they talk about is a person’s internal forces and desires into which the Light brings all the forms and impressions. It is only about how the desires are impressed by the Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/5/12, The Zohar

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