School: The Mirror Of The Vices Of Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we talk about education for adults, there is a fear that people will accuse us of offering something impractical, too detached from reality.

Answer: I totally disagree with you!

Today’s world and the one we propose are absolutely opposed. We must face the truth! It is actually true. There should not be partial solutions! I cannot create a school half-humanistic and half-egoistic, the way it is today.

When a young child comes to school, he could be beaten and robbed; he could be made into anything, compelled to do anything by force, pressure, influence, and some values. He is forced to be the same as everybody else with the worst examples. He can become attached to smoking and drinking alcohol, not to mention the threat of drugs! School is a school of depravity, a school of vanity! One is driving a car, the other gets there on foot.

All the evils of modern society are manifested in children at school in the cruelest way. We need to fight against this! We should start doing something about this. They are our children!

Since we have become insensitive egoists, we treat children likewise, pushing them away as if saying: “Go to your school. They should deal with you there.”

Instead of raising a child as a normal person and creating a future for him, the next society, we neither create society nor make a person a human being.

It does not matter what will be. That is why we do not want to bear children. We simply exist and go with the flow, which carries us to a huge waterfall, to fall into the abyss.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” #5, 12/13/11

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  1. “life as a competition to be the best, richest, and most successful” – FINE, so long as the best are the most compassionate, and those richest in wisdom and care, where ‘success’ = the ability to nurture others, the planet & yourself.

    As for “shootings and killings” I think Americans are at best deluded and at worst, complicit, in the armed society they inhabit…….the right to bear arms – the beloved 4th amedment to the constitution, is nothing less than a licence to kill people. If you arm the population it seems pretty obvious that they will murder eachother.

    A truly revolutionary amendment would be a “Right to bear ALMS”… and solace to others.

    Cheltenham UK

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