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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The extremist right wing movements in Europe are getting stronger. In general when a person doesn’t see a solution to a problem, he tends to accept the apparent simplicity of radical claims. How can we present our message in contrast to that?

Answer: First, there are many scientific facts. But scientists cannot provide a serious platform at the moment, and so we have to organize it in a way that will show the rational “grain” in our recommendations.

Besides, we shouldn’t forget that radical trends unite people on the one hand, but on the other hand lead to conflicts and wars. Here we have to explain that these tendencies are in contrast to nature. In the present conditions of total mutual connection, any conflict will lead to serious implications.

This is why Europe cannot break apart now. First, it isn’t in Germany’s favor. The Germans are ready to pay billion of Euros only to prevent that from happening. After all, they see where this will lead to: to losing their market. If you seclude yourself, the next day your economy will begin to suffocate. So everyone will lose as a result of the disintegration of the EU.

Day by day it becomes clearer that protectionism isn’t the solution to the current problems. It is used in a very limited manner, but on the whole, everyone already understands the fact that we are all mutually connected and that this connection cannot be broken. It can only be destroyed by war, meaning by extreme actions, but there are no intermediate ways.

I hope that we will be able to prepare our method and wrap it up in a way that will enable people to understand the basic idea. We offer, “Let’s check its effectiveness together,” “Let’s continue to develop it together,” as a result we need to create a platform that will lead the mutual connection among people to a new qualitative level, which is the basis for all the changes that will take place in the world, in humanity.

The environment is the factor that will bring about the change in people in a way that will help them adapt to the connection that already exists among us, to agree to it, to understand it, and having no choice, to participate in it. I don’t have to be an angel. I simply understand that there is no other way, and that I have to be in good relations with everyone, and try to tune myself to the same wave internally too: in thoughts and desires. Why?—Because I depend on them.

Only external influence is necessary in order to achieve that, and everyone will grasp the essence of what is going on. People have to be given different examples and explanations, and so the basic guidelines of the message will be understood. This by itself is enough in order to bring about positive changes in the world.

Our problem is egoism. No one doubts the fact that it is the negative force on the personal level, the political level, and on every other level. It should only be “sweetened” a bit, that’s all. If we feel the mutual dependence among us, we will feel that we don’t have to lie to one another, and we will be able to agree, on the government level too, not to destroy our planet.

It all depends on education, which should be based on a simple truth: We depend on one another, and there is nothing we can do about that. There is no other way. The world has become our collective home and in this collective home there is nothing more sensible than to agree. What other ways can there be? It is time that we stop calling this “utopia.” Today it is already a crucial need.

We already spoke about it in the UN and in UNESCO. In the future, we will present this platform to the public and to its representatives—first we will get the opinion of experts and then we will implement it. First and foremost, we must open up, develop, and adapt the method for humanity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/12, “The Freedom”

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