Our Urgent Intervention Is Required

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The idea of the program of development existing in nature is usually associated with a religious worldview.

Answer: That is not true! I do not associate the program of development with the upper force. If you want to move a phenomenon from state 1 to the more advanced state 2, you need to know both states and the method of advancement. So, it happens. Nature does not make mistakes; it knows exactly how to direct every creature in the best way: towards what? to balance with the environment!

At every stage, nature creates from each type of desire its developed form most suitable for the environment. And there is no need for the upper force here. This is the law of development, and it affects us in the same way.

How can we as a human society move from our current state to the next one, to be balanced with the environment so that we feel well? Here the law of development stops because a human must realize his next balanced form and advance towards it on his own.

That means that we are in a particular crisis because it requires human intervention in the development process. A human being should become wiser and understand the law of nature, the trend of development, and then continue his own development due to the environment. That is, I develop myself through the environment, and nature just awakens the need in me: I cannot remain calm; I feel the crisis but do not see how to get out of it.

Why? because I should know the next state, explore it, understand, and feel that it is missing, and with the help of the environment, play creating nature on my own, which forces me to develop correctly.

Is it possible? Yes, it is! Now, we have to act instead of nature, not to wait until it starts to push us according to its program; we need to understand the program, become armed with the mind to build a system of development, and to advance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode #4 , 1/1/12

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