Not An Experiment On Lab Mice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are there serious scientists who believe that the crisis will be over soon, that unemployment will drop, and that the European economy will flourish? Don’t they see how grave the situation is?

Answer: These scientists are clever people, they are experts in their field, but the problem is that science in general speaks about laws that have already been revealed in the world and not about those that will be revealed in the future.

If the new laws that are being revealed now are on a different dimension compared to what we had before, not even one professor can say a thing about them.

We are all egoists and act within our own selfish spheres. We are used to this kind of life. We study it and this is what we understand and explore. Human society exists on this level and this is the level that all the scientists, sociologists, and psychologists work within.

This is one collective dimension we all share and in which we all are. We study it as if we perform empirical lab studies under special conditions, like in a greenhouse: we record different readings and come up with laws.

On the basis of these laws we can come to conclusions that apply to the greenhouse only if it remains in the same conditions without change. In that case, those professors might be right, although this is also a question because there are many scientists who say exactly the opposite.

The point is that the conditions today are changing for the first time in history! In the meantime, scientists don’t understand that things are changing, but I already see it from the spiritual world. But how can we prove this to people? This is why Kabbalsits have kept quiet all this time.

Even a hundred years ago Baal HaSulam began to speak about the crisis, and about the fact that we are one family, about the danger of a nuclear war. But no one wanted to listen; they called him a communist and a mystic.

But today it is already possible to speak, although there are many scientists who won’t see the crisis until it hits them in full force.

But I don’t want it to hit them so. We see that there is no choice and that we have to explain. After all, a scientist studies real life, he studies you and me! And we can’t wait until we begin to starve, until we empty the earth of its natural resources, and until millions of jobless people go out to the streets for this scientist to wake up and say, “Oh, it turns out that there is another trend…” and then to begin to study it.

I don’t want him to study these new laws on me, so that later he will be able to tell about them and get a Nobel Prize at my expense. This is why we have been given permission from Above to reveal this knowledge in advance, before this experiment is preformed on living people.

So I can declare that I disagree with the opinion of the scientist with all due respect and the appreciation I feel for modern science. In fact, according to what he sees, he is right. But there is another process going on here, which is hidden at the moment. Many people will disagree with him because they already see that something strange is happening here. To be on the safe side, it is better to assume that they are right.

After all, this isn’t an experiment on lab mice but on living people! If Spain explodes now, it will immediately spread like wildfire to Italy, Greece, and the rest of Europe.

But this doesn’t mean that scientists don’t understand. They work with numbers and statistical data, they study the world, its processes and results according to what they see: They don’t see anything yet. This is why he is right because as it written: “A judge has only what his eyes can see.”

But there is a sage, who looks a great distance ahead and sees the future states as they are being formed.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/12, The Zohar

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  1. Is your disagreement that this shouldn’t be tested on people?

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