La Nina “Linked” To Flu Pandemics

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “US-based scientists found that the last four pandemics all occurred after La Nina events, which bring cool waters to the surface of the eastern Pacific.

“Nevertheless, the last four pandemics – the Spanish Flu that began in 1918, the Asian Flu of 1957, the Hong Kong Flu of 1958 and the swine flu of 2009 – were all preceded by periods of La Nina conditions. What pandemics have in common is that they all feature novel strains of the virus to which people have not developed immunity.

“The link to La Nina events is not clear. But recent research has shown that some wild birds’ patterns of flights and stopovers during migrations, or moulting times, differ between El Nino and La Nina years.

“‘Now we can look at viral gene flow in a number of birds, pigs, and people – and we might be able to get something more statistically robust, to get a better sense of the mechanisms.”’

My Comment: We have entered a new phase of the revelation of the world to us, the revelation of the world as a single whole, and this obliges us to become the same. For this reason, we will constantly discover greater connection between all parts of the world.

If we started to unite, we would change ourselves, and in our new property of integrality, we would discover the world as integral. Otherwise, “everyone judges according to their flaws,” and we, not seeing the world as unified, relate to it incorrectly, not like to an analog system, but like to a discrete one and thus, feel the discrepancy between it and us like a crisis. This is a more dangerous “pandemic.”

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