It Will Be So

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What makes you so sure that integral upbringing will help people unite correctly? It seems quite unreal.

Answer: I act on the premise of only one thing: Nature will force us towards it. And by our efforts, we want to realize this before great losses occur. We wish people good and want them to reach the goal that nature presents us in a gentle way. We have to come to this goal not under the great pressure of nature, not under the influence of huge ecological problems, world war, and so on, but with few losses or even without suffering. This depends on how much we understand that we have no other choice.

I believe in the victory of this idea (if I may use such big words) because it comes from nature, not from people. But in any case, nature will force us to do it. Thus, we should use our mind to soften the evolutionary forces that push us forward, and then we will reach the goal of nature more smoothly. After all, it is better to make a soft landing on a new integral platform of harmony. I hope it will be so.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #4, 12/13/11

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  1. Victory is of the right line, being a positive emotion, it is what is desired, and what overcomes? netzach? Winning? The idea will prevail.

    then hod is submission or defeat, smallness, obedience? Together they make a gate, as one stands opposite to the other like two doors?

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