Descending In Order To Rise

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: However, when he achieves the aim of Creation and the Creator receives pleasure from him, since His will is done, man’s essence, which clothes in His contentment, is granted complete eternity, like Him. Thus, he has been rewarded with freedom from the angel of death.

Baal HaSulam explains freedom in the context of the perception of reality. We live in a world of forces. There is no matter; it is only depicted to us under the influence of different forces that stabilize this feeling for us.

I perceive the inanimate nature in all its forms and manners and also the vegetative, animate and human levels of nature. These four categories that fill my field of feeling are forces that are depicted in my desire and that draw, like on a screen, the picture of the three-dimensional, varied world.

This happens because my desire to receive divides the general bestowal, called Light, into many types and degrees of internal reactions. On the whole, it makes up the picture of the world in which I feel and see of all these actions.

So from the start, I was given a feeling for which I don’t have to prepare myself. I already have the desire to receive and in it, I feel the world. Besides that I see large-scale processes in inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and also in between these levels. Actually it is about our internal world, but we take the names of the objects and the phenomena in it from the lowest level according to the principle of a branch and a root.

The higher I rise, the closer I get to the Light through the layers of my desire. In the lowest place I see the picture of this world. Then I rise to the next level, to the desires that are closer to the Light, and these forces are before me in the form of Partzufim, worlds, and Sefirot. Then I see the connection between the branch and the root in everything, and accordingly I call the forms that I feel as desires and the relations between the forces by parallel names from our world. Thus the language of the branches is formed.

With the rise to the spiritual level, my desires change. In other words, I change, and thus I rise to the level of resembling and being partly equal to the Creator. Even if this is only the first of 125 steps (1/125), I already live to this degree. On the next level I already live to the degree of 2/125. This means that I take on a form that doesn’t disappear. It is all aimed at bestowal, similar to the Light. I am adhered to it. I am the same vessel It fills. Thus I am already in eternity, in the Creator. I have entered His domain with my desires, and this is an ascent to the level of life, the escape from the “angel of death.”

At the same time, it doesn’t disturb me that my first level is in my perception all the time, until the end of the ascent. I have to descend to it and to stay in it because when I correct my desires, it is from this level that I have to start the ascent every time. I can’t rise from the present spiritual level to the next degree. I must descend and accept an addition of the corrupt desire and then to rise to the same desire on a higher level.

All the corrupt desires grow from the lowest place. Therefore, although the forces on the screen of my desires also depict the picture of this world, that picture still has to constantly be before me. It is by feeling it that I can rise to every degree of the ladder that leads to Ein Sof.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/12/12, “The Freedom”
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