Critical Mass For Consumer Electronics

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from NBC): “Thirty years ago, the average American owned 1.3 electronic devices — one TV, and a third of a radio.

“In 2008, that number jumped to 24 devices: cell phones, iPods, computers, digital cake batter mixers, and the like. In 2011, with the iPad, Kindle and competitors, Android phones, and even more technological treasures for the trove, the number is — still 24.

“This is a ‘gadget plateau,’ in which the consumer of consumer goods can consume no more. This means that companies, rather than creating more and more different gadgets and whizbangs for people to purchase, must improve on what’s already out there, and ensure that different extant devices are compatible with one another, according to the newspaper.

“The slowing down or even decline of consumers’ electronics purchases was inevitable, according to some industry experts.… But after a certain point, there are no more goods to replace or acquire.”

My Comment: The only choice is to either make products with planned defects or to reduce production. Alternatively, we can develop a new attitude to production, society, and life. In any case, we will have to sit down and think….

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