Consequences Of A Thousand Year Explosion

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe all are the consequences of the shattering of the first man’s (Adam HaRishon) huge desire. Adam HaRishon remained in the state of total perfection even though he was comprised of numerous desires and each of them wanted for itself. Desires always “think” of themselves; and yet the fact that the ultimate force ruled over them allowed the whole structure to stay within a condition that is called the world of Infinity. It maintained total adhesion with and stayed under the absolute authority of the power of bestowal and love.

It is similar to the sensation that we often feel when we are sitting and singing with our friends in a great mood, and hoping that this sensation of warmth and mutual love will last forever.

Of course, this is far from a spiritual sensation, but it gives us an idea of how the common soul felt before it was shattered. Then, some external force broke in and destroyed this sensation.

Where did this force come from in the first place? It was revealed within us; we never sensed it before and didn’t even suspect that it existed. All of a sudden we sensed hatred! It was always hiding within us and suddenly showed itself against our will.

The strength of hatred that hit us was so huge that each of us simply ran away from the beautiful assembly and thus ruined the connections among us. We all started to view it as something dirty and disgusting. We couldn’t tolerate staying within it any longer. This is how we happened to end up in this world and continue to live in it now.

Since then, this world kept developing under the guidance of the force of hatred. Throughout history, and to this day, we have been using the power of the shattering over and over again. But only today are we starting to realize that we have already reached the final implementation of hatred into our lives and that it doesn’t lead us anywhere anymore. Our hope to achieve the good life with its help has vanished.

The time of correction has come since we already understand that using the power of hatred and separation can only ruin our lives. So, our duty is to do something about it!
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/12, The Zohar

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  1. There seems to be a Sort of breathing that is occurring, flux between expansive and compressive phases of sinosoidal nature. The flux is a function of scale and time.

    Human history consists of diversification, advancement. (expansive) and purging, rejection, (compressive). Unions, states, nations, what have you, formed from overcoming the lack of the connection between us in this world (sithis’ world for the game fans) to be bound under one common identity, and these unions cropped up in diversity, and then came to a similar situation as people were before. A union of unions is akin to wholy of wholies. Nations are behaving towards each other like undeveloped cells before discovering symbiosis. Is there no light between us? Perhaps we should let there be.

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