Anomalous Cooling Is On The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Moscow meteorologists record the anomaly that confirms the theory of global warming. But there is another opinion: A group of scientists from the Oceanographic Institute and the Russian Academy of Sciences predict the imminent fall of temperature in the Northern Hemisphere. According to their calculations, the “Great Salinity Anomaly,” which will lower the average temperature and bring cold winters in the next few years, is on the way.

“The graphs show a warming of the planet, which leads to the melting of glaciers and increases Siberian rivers discharge. As a result, a lot of fresh water has been accumulated in the Arctic Ocean that is about to begin to pour through the Canadian and Greenland Straits into the North Atlantic. And the Gulf Stream, the “hot water bottle” of Europe, comes there. Its warm, salty water will be covered by cold fresh water that will not allow heat to come out, which means that it will become colder in Europe and throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

“Apparently, the Earth switches on a climate control system. Warming turns on the Arctic water mechanism, leading to cooling. Then, it will become warmer again. Quite possibly, it may not happen in our lifetime.”

My Comment: Of course, these periods of alternating heat and cold always happened on the planet, but we can mitigate them by means of achieving balance in society and humanity because the greatest and most hidden forces of nature, which operate on the lower levels of nature: animate, vegetative, and still, are concealed at the “human” level.

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