What Is The Purpose Of Our World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the end of our development, we must reach a state of unlimited reception, unlimited revelation of good, eternity, perfection, and power, as well as absolute fulfilment. This is what awaits us ahead if we begin to receive in order to express intentions toward the Creator that are equivalent to those He displays toward us. This is the essence of all our work.

The purpose of the creation of our world, meaning the concealment of the Creator, is for us to try, under these conditions and with the environment that is given to us, to develop such skills of interaction between us that will allow us to switch from reception—theft, bad intentions, rivalry, envy, and hatred—to the feeling of bestowal, love, and rising above oneself.

If a person truly rises above himself, he begins to perceive the Light that fills the world around him, the Creator who is present in this world, the general Light, the general quality of love and bestowal. Then, he disconnects from his animal body and simply “floats” in this huge, endless atmosphere of being filled with love and goodness.

This is the next state that we must ascend to. In no way does this destroy our world. We enter it gradually, feeling it together with our world, and transform in our sensations to the next degree.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/6/2011

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